These 5 WooCommerce tips will help you sell more stuff.

February 18, 2016

woocommerce development

Since its release in 2011, WooCommerce has continued to expand its user base and is now the most popular ecommerce platform on the web. What is so appealing about WooCommerce is that it offers total customisation, giving online businesses the opportunity to completely design their store and define their overall style. Through add-ons and extensions, the platform grants users the flexibility to transform their sites into anything they could possibly imagine.

But WooCommerce also poses serious challenges when it comes to implementing these features, very few of which can be done “out of the box”. Issues occur such as clashing with other plugins, hosting compatibility and the loss of data. This is why working with a dedicated team of experts is recommended. The following post will highlight some of the exciting capabilities of WooCommerce that can be seamlessly integrated when done so professionally.


Dynamic Pricing

With WooCommerce, there are a variety of pricing modes available for users to apply within their digital stores. Instead of the one-size-fits all “add to cart” button you see on many sites, WooCommerce gives you total control over what you offer and how it’s paid for. The system includes features such as category discounts, bulk pricing, and memberships. In fact, WooCommerce has the capability to get so specific that stores can even offer deals such as buy one item, get one free or purchase any 2 items and receive the third 50% off.


Advanced Attribute products

Instead of listing every single variation of the same product, WooCommerce allows users to implement a drop down menu with limitless attributes available for selection. These include sizes, colour options (with swatches if desired!), sleeve length, etc. This gives your website a clean, professional look and makes it easier for your customers to ensure they get what they want. Additionally, main display images can be altered based on menu selection, which is another helpful aspect that customers are sure to appreciate.


Bundle selling

Bundle selling, or product grouping, is the easiest way to sell things such as kits or items that require additional accessories. Offering them as a bundle gives customers a convenient way to get exactly what they need. Shoppers may also choose to remove products from the bundles that have been pre-defined as “optional”, adding yet another level of customisation to your store. Furthermore, these shoppers will love getting more for less, and selling items in bundles at a discounted price is an effective marketing strategy that is almost guaranteed to boost your sales.


Advanced Sales Reports

A great website and operating system shouldn’t just benefit your customers—it should make your life easier too! WooCommerce’s advanced sales reports give you the most comprehensive way to monitor your sales and finances. This extension generates professional-standard reports on individual products sold over any given date range and has the capacity to get incredibly specific, offering data on things such as product variations, shipping methods used, and much more.


Advanced Shipping Options

With WooCommerce, you can avail of extensions that make shipping simple and streamlined. Aspects include label creation, real-time tracking and fulfilment data across all marketplaces, auto-population of customs forms, and integration with all major curriers worldwide. WooCommerce also makes returning items easy for customers, with a one-click return feature that automatically sends a return address label to your customer for instant print, paste, and send. What more could you ask for?


Like what you see? WooCommerce is ready and waiting for you to indulge in all the luxuries it has to offer. The above add-ons, and much more, are readily available to be integrated into your site. As previously discussed, we recommend consulting with professional web developers who can ensure your online store runs flawlessly and contains all the fantastic features you desire.